Dexter Warr and Josh Zilm  - Directors
Andel Jowers - Assistant Director
Mark Rupp - Executive Producer
Mary Scroggs - Marketing Director
John Frost - Director of Photography
Nomi Kim - Camera Operator
The Warr Brothers - Screenplay
Gary Robinson - Production Designer/Set Decorator
Jason David Jones - Production Supervisor
Greg Wroblewski - Production Leader
Kyle Simpson - Line Producer

Scott Shane - Associate Producer
Gunnar Jebsen - Sound Engineer

Brian (Byrdie) Byrd - Gaffer
Brandon Rowe: 1st Assistant Camera
Chris Handegan:  Key Grip
Steve Smith: Grip

Mark Rupp - Casting Director

Joe Scudiero - Editor

Garrett Slevin - Directors Assistant

Erin Borcherding - Directors Assistant

Michelle Palmer - Casting Directors Assistant

Suzanne Neltner - Extras Coordinator

Erin Borcherding - Extras Coordinator

Andel Jowers - Extras Coordinator

Tonia L. Carrier - Wardrobe
Cheri Beever - Wardrobe
Amy Suthard - Costume Designer
Garrett Slevin - Props

Danny Fisher - Lead Choreographer
Kai Greene - Bodybuilding Choreographer

Dancer - Lacey Durst

Dancer - Kayla Washington

Tonia L. Carrier - Hair & Makeup
Montrese Hollar - Specialty Makeup and Hair

M L Hollar - Specialty Gowns for Mr Pryor
M L Hollar - Makeup for Mr. Pryor

Warren Beard - Press Relations
Donald Lucker - Press Relations

Jeremy Packer - Press Kits/Artwork


Jeremy Packer - Graphic Design
Scot Guariglia - Graphic Design

Lucas Kirby - Original Score

Spanky McFarlane/Spanky & Our Gang - Recording Artist

Randy Jones - Recording Artist

Quentin Elias - Recording Artist

Daniel Norell - Recording Artist

Danny Severance - Recording Artist

Dan Bergman - Recording Artist

Joe Luckinbill - Recording Artist

Highway J - Recording Artist

Sprout - Recording Artist
Richard Pryor Jr - Recording Artist

Jeannie Sol - Recording Artist

Tsunhe Kash-Composer

Stuart Bordian - Composer

James Davis - Composer

Eyad Hamid - Composer

Eric Johnston - Special Editing

Zack Neff - Special Editing

Larry Hendricks - Photography

Lighting Provided by Mike Buckley from Family of Light Entertainment

Jason Chastain - Locations Supervisor
Mike Alwan - Locations Supervisor

Nick Stafford -  Production Assistant

Art Department - Tsunhe Kash

G-Rock Productions - Web Development & Design

Palmer Software Innovations, Inc. - Web Technical Support

Mary Scroggs - Livestock Handler (Cruiser's Mom)

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends of THE HUB ballroom that was destroyed by fire. This iconic place hosted such talent as EARTHA KITT, BUDDY HOLLY and JAMES BROWN to name a few. We were proud to have been the first to shoot a film in this night club.